What others say...


Francoise H, Operations Manager

"I came to work with Svetlana at a very difficult period of my life - right after experiencing a burn-out and losing my job. She totally helped me live better in the conditions I was given to live in. Her coaching helped me identify my strengths, problems, and quickly find solutions and put them into practice. Her approach is very straightforward and hands-on. There is no talking for hours to have you unlock issues. Her insight, intelligence, and to the point reflections/questions will take you right where you need to go to free yourself and move on.

I strongly recommend Sveta if you are serious about unlocking yourself. I have worked with 3 different coaches in the course of my life, and this experience has by far been the most interesting in terms of insights, and results."

Anna, Senior Compliance Professional

"I had a great experience attending Sveta’s sessions. Sveta and I used to work together years ago, and I was curious to see what her new career coaching program could offer. In particular, I liked her practical advice on being authentic and finding a lighter and easier way of working and living – skills that we may have forgotten in the intensity of our careers.

Her program also provided me with concrete tools to ‘create ease within the storm’ and to manage day-to-day challenges in a  focused way. Lastly, I enjoyed connecting with other working women from different industries and get inspired on ways to put the ideas from the program into action and achieve more."

Maya, Program Director

"Svetlana is a truly unique coach, she puts you at ease right away with grace, tact, and genuine curiosity. When she started working with me a few years ago, l was confused but skeptical that a stranger can see through the noise of your own mind, but she did. She empowers, guides, and provides tools to hear the voice that we want to hear, but often mute instead, both professionally and personally. And then, she unapologetically helps you confront fears and excuses for a more fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful life and career. Success follows. For Svetlana, coaching people is not work, it's a calling."


Amber, Director of Education and Community Partnership
at the National Museum of Industrial History

"Participation in Sveta's group coaching program allowed me to consolidate a lot of work in personal development (movement, feeling-based practices) that I did outside work. It is really helpful. When I started the program, I could not figure out how to make it relatable to my everyday life. The program helped me externalize the internal processes that I was working on. I can also explain and communicate to others what I do and practice. It makes me feel holistic.

When I am thinking about making decisions day-to-day, how do I want to approach a problem or a meeting, I can reference the tools that I gained and get clear on how I want to schedule my day or what I want to do next."