Your Soul Fire

Our soul fire is ancient and integral to each of us. It is inextinguishable but susceptible to being dimmed to faintness, covered by layers of self-doubt and worry.

We doubt the practicality of enthusiasm and the legitimacy of our impulses. We doubt that breaking the rules will earn us a raise or that speaking our mind will attract the right clients. We worry that our shine will be construed as showing off and we’ll get shot down; or that if we really let our opinion flare, we’ll burn bridges that we may need to cross again someday.

And we lose our ability to dream about what living unleashed would look like, what do we really want.

We get spirit-fatigued.

Spirit fatigue is a malaise with many names: Listlessness, Depression, Incessant resentment. Chronic doubt. Numbness. Feeling small. Constant fear of loss. 

If your body is physically injured, it will make adjustments to compensate for the weakened part. If you are spirit fatigued for long enough, your life will downshift into unconscious enduring. You endure the doubt, anxiety, and the disconnectedness.

And you think that this is normal. You begin to believe that if it is so hard for so many of us, for so long, then this must just be the way it is. And you make adjustments to your desires. You amend your hopes. Repeatedly ignore your hunger.

When we are spirit-fatigued, we make weak decisions. We compromise.  

Without passion, you can still make the rent, be a good girl (or a guy), and limp along for lifetimes – as many of us do. You’ll survive. But we’re not here to talk about surviving of justifying just “getting by”. We are interested in how to make you thrive!

Passion is the wind in your sails, and the practicality is the rudder. You need both to get where you’ve going. 

And here is the thing: The mere act of dreaming is vitalizing, life-affirming endeavor. 

Dream on! Get to know your desires.

(Adopted from Danielle LaPorte's book "The Fire Starter Sessions. A Soulful and Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Terms")

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