Dear Svetlana,

How are you feeling back in the “normal”? 
Our biggest fear? - FOMO (and how to fight it)

Recently, I held a series of webinars where we explored:

  • What the isolation has experience taught us,
  • Which part of this the new knowledge/habits we want to keep, and
  • What part of the “old life” we choose to let go of. 

It turns out that the shelter-in-place order saved us from massive overwhelm - too many courses, too many social engagements, too many extracurricular clubs for kids, too intense work… And don’t even mention the commute!

This all has been corrected literally overnight. Less pressure. Less stress.

As one participant said, it’s kind of like Europe (at least what we, Americans, think of it).

All this mad rush that we routinely engage in (and often are not even aware) is related to one thing - FOMO, Fear of Missing Out. 

We spend hours commuting, compromise on sleep, engage in silly spending, disregard our boundaries, damage relationships with our kids and partners because we are so stressed out, all the time!

And here comes the power of the pause! 

Not only the one that we have just experienced but also the one that you can choose to practice going forward. 

When you are offered another project, course, or party, you can pause and ask yourself, "Is it really what I want right now? Does it meet my longer-term plans and aspirations? How will it affect my well-being? How does it make me feel?"

It’s liberating and empowering to give yourself permission to pause and ask these questions and choose to say no, rather than routinely saying yes to all the external demands and offers that come your way.

This little step will change how you experience life and work considerably.
I highly recommend trying it.

Yours truly,


Sveta Parilova is a career and leadership coach who partners up with mid-career professionals to help them get rekindled and renewed about their work/career so that they feel less stressed and more joyful at work and at home. She is passionate about supporting people in their search for purpose and meaning in their work and life and is humbled and honored to be part of their journey to a more joyful self. Click here to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session and learn more!



Svetlana Parilova
Thrive Network International, LLC