“If you can not stand your job... Don’t quit it!”

You are used to working hard, delivering 110% at all times. You have a good career... And you can not keep going like this… Now what?

If you read my story, you know that after I reached the depth of burnout, I stayed  at my job for two more years and this was a blessing in disguise. 

I know people who left corporate and still carry the proverbial “garlic” in their pockets when getting anywhere close to their former industry. Thanks to my experience, I am “carrying” a lot of understanding, love and compassion. And it is from this place I say:

If you feel your job is sucking the life out of you, don’t quit! 

Sounds shocking?

Has it ever happened to you or someone you know that after leaving a bad relationship they find themselves with a partner who surprisingly resembles their ex? Work is not that different; it is a relationship, with colleagues, bosses, your to-do list, even yourself at the workplace...

Quitting will not solve your problems and may actually solidify the beliefs and habits that brought you these problems in the first place. Don't get me wrong, difficult people and toxic relationships at work are a sad reality at times, burnout is a real thing.

But quitting from this place will confirm that it was them (corporate, boss - fill in the blank) that was responsible for your troubles, and this takes away your power. 

Do you have to stay at your job forever? Of course not, and you may still choose to leave, but you would do this from a point of clarity, power and intention. And this will be beneficial for both you and your employer, because trust me, if you don’t want to stay, they don’t want to keep you. But it still may work between the two of you.

Claim your power back

You may not feel it now, but you have more control over the situation than you realize. It is even possible that your job actually works for you (at least has the potential to). The trick is to respect your work ethics as well as honor you in your relationship with work, and this is what I help my coaching clients do. 

You set effective boundaries and get your time and sanity back, deal with challenging people and situations confidently and assertively, and have energy to be present with your loved ones when you are away from work. It also makes you more efficient in what you do at your job! 

From theory to practice

The first step towards claiming your power is awareness, really seeing things for what they are. 

When was the last time you examined  your job situation (venting to a colleague or a spouse does not count :))? Ask yourself these question:

What satisfies me and what calls for change?
What am I gaining and what is it costing me?
What’s really important to me at work and outside it?
How do I want to feel when I wake up to go to work in the morning?

Taking this inventory periodically is so important for your wellbeing!

My free gift to you, the Burnout Barometer, gives you a methodical way to get awareness about your current state of affairs. And if you are ready for even more clarity, schedule a complimentary session with me using this link. I would love to chat with you. 

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Sveta Parilova is a career and life coach who partners up with mid-career professionals to help them get rekindled and renewed about their work/career, so that they feel less stressed and more joyful at work and at home. She is passionate about supporting people in their search for purpose and meaning in their work and life, and is humbled and honored to be part of their journey to a more joyful self. Click here to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session and learn more!


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